ZORA CITIZEN TV TODAY WRITTEN UPDATES: Zora finds out her mother is serious about the witchcraft statement. After Zora tries to interrogate, Mama Zoras spits some bitter statements to her daughter that broke her heart.

Zora’s Father tries to interven and advice Zora to understand what Mama Zora is passing through. Hamida asks to be excused to leave claiming an emergency. But this is not true, she is creating a calm atmosphere for Madiba to have his time with Zora.

As she leaves, just imagine she makes a call notifying him at what time he should come to the hospital.

“Hello, sasa Nisikize, Hivi natoka hisipitali na nimemwacha zora. Ehee lakini naomba usije mapema ukajitia mashakani. Tumeelewana. Haya safi.” Hamida makes a call.

On the other side Makeba now finds out her son Fellah is back to drunkardness. Makeba asks how she warned her son. Lion explains how his mother has been unfair to his father Fellah.

“Shosh mimi nakwambia, ni kama mum haoni, Si fair kill kitu mum anafanyia dad.

This happens to be the trending things in the show.

Madiba Loves Zora Unconditionally

Madiba visits Zora in Hospital. The two are in love. This is seen as the two cannot control themselves when they see each other.

But their love journey receives another blow after Simba and Mama Zora promises to disown her incase she gets engaged to Madiba.

Madiba is in Love

Nana AKA Jackie Matubia besides the show issues, some unconfirmed facts have stated who is the man behind her pregnancy.

Matibia is pregnant for real. Anticipation from the closest people have hinted her Co-actor Madiba is responsible for the pregnancy. How true the statement is will soon be confirmed after the baby is born. For now we treat this bloggers statement as a rumour unless Madiba and Nana open up.

Todays Zora Citizen Tv Updates on Viusasa 16th and 17th February 2022 full episode Part 1 and 2.

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