Zora Citizen Tv Show part one starts at Fellah’s Home. He requests to tell Lion what Zora his mother has been doing. Things seem not to be OK for the two lovers. Zora on bored by her husband alot.

After she is left with her son Simba asks his mother if she is now happy. Marriage life from the show is not that easy. It involves ups and downs that do not call for children involvement. Fellah has failed in this alot by directly links his Son into the swaying relationship of the parents.

Fellah of Zora Citizen Tv biology in the show seem not to be encouraging at all. He also carries the family quarrels into the matter concerning sickness. It should be remembered Mama Zora is in hospital fighting for her life.

First, Fellah denies his wife to go check on her mother. Two he makes fun of her condition saying Zora is not a doctor. No woman can take this.

On the other hand Madiba is informed Mama Zora is in hospital. He gets this information from Kwame who payed Nana a visit. Kwame finds a hard time after Madiba confirms the true Mama Zora is in hospital from Hamida.

Blessing Lung’aho in Zora Madiba, sympathises with Zora. From his feelings he prays he had the opportunity to stand with Zora during the sickness time. This proves exactly how Madiba is still in love with Fellah’s wife despite fights and beatings from him.

Get Zora Citizen Tv 15th and 16th February 2022 Full Episode Part 1 and 2 – Written Updates.

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