Zora Citizen Tv Tomorrow 15th December 2021 Full Episode – Viusasa

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Previously – on Zora Citizen Tv 14th December 2021

Pain prevail as Love and betrayal takes its due course. Arrest and lack of agreements yield up most as the episode presses its play key. We first come across the Master of all Dingos being arrested. He is arrested after burning down a business premise belonging to a very powerful business man in town.

Amali sends for Masters arrest. Remember Master is doing all this in revenge to the set up Amali did to him previously leading to his arrest and detention in Ndonyo. The worst of is is what he did to Masters arrest. Amali defiled Fidi and torture her both sexually and physically.

“You are under arrest, but you have the right to remain silent for whatever you say here shall be used against you in the court of law.” The law enforcers speak.

as all these are happening first takes place in Masters Scrap shop. His only son Pipi witnesses all that happens to his father but poor child can’t help. He tries to intervene but no one listens to him. He even asks then to let his father be and take the little money but non of the arrestor was willing to listen to the child’s nonsense.

On the other hand Fidi is overwhelmed with her poor health situation. She is rushed to the hospital by her friend Hamida. Hamida may and should be ready to face some depression from what she is witnessing. She witnesses Master in the hands of police on the rush to inform Fidi she finds her unconscious. Where should she start from.?

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