Pipi is a caring boy: Je takes care of the two girls. He brings some chapati for Lilah and Filah. This is one of the most encouraging characters in Zora Citizen tv show portraying one of the positive qualities to embrace.

The three discuss how they can survive. Lilah and Filah sympathise with pipi so much.

Lion and his drunk father also discuss. He opens how he is tired with the kind of life he is passing through but the good thing he advices his son nit to use alcohol.

Stop: Hahaha aah Fellah orders Zora as she enters. He asks Zora to tell Lion is who she loves but before she can do that lion their young boy leaves. Fellah orders Zora to obey his cough. She should obey the cough and go upstairs.

Sarcastic Fellah speaks, “Good umeenda juu. Nikikuja huko nitakupenda,!!!!”

Poor Madiba, Kwame his Younger brother tells Loretta how Madiba thinks she is involved in his children disappearance. Kwame thinks Loretta is trustworthy,,,, Not like he does, Step by step, limb by limb she finds her way into Madiba’s room and questions about Kwame’s report.

Mkeo anataka umpeleke chooni,,,, Mzee Simba is asked to take the patient to the latrine. He asks for an excuse since they departed as lovers long time agoooooo.

Zora Citizen Tv: 14th February 2022 Full Episode updates part 1 and 2 – Written Updates by Tambua Africa.

This is a written update for Official video viewing visit Viusasa today and watch tomorrow’s episode ahead of everyone else.

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