Ogola withinside the play performs an undercover role. This has in no way been recognized to every other character however to his task accomplice Hodan. He has now observed Yolah is the organic sister to Zora.

Bitter Master vows to continue with the revenge mission

Another topic popping out virtually from the display is REVENGE. This is clear while Boaz and his daughter had been at the run to revenge the loss of life in their cherished one Alma. Alma died in unknown circumstances.

Master too indicates anger of what Amali did to him and his lover. Despite the attempt with the aid of using Zora to prevent him from revenge, he goes beforehand to burn Amali’s bar. On his come back home he does not display Some sympathy however swears to move on and combat again Amali’s actions.

“Nitazidi na hiyo mission mbaka nitapojiskia Amali amelipia moves zake. Mimi bora nishakuambia. So hata kama Zora, Fellah, Hamida ama mtu yeyote aniambie chochote hakitachange mind yangu. Amali lazima atii na this round atatii vimejja.” He speaks in Sheng’.

This phrases surprise Fidi.

Zora’s play within play

Fellah and Zora have emerged satisfactory actors with the identical play. This takes place after the 2 fake to be quarreling over Loretta’s issues. This takes place to blind fold Nana now no longer to be in clean know-how of what the 2 are upto.

Nana gets a shocker after Zora turns the spear toward her direction. She says the equal manner she is carried out with everybody else is the equal manner she is carried out with her. She now requests her to leave.

The display is now lit and ignited via way of means of betrayal. This goes to dominate a higher a part of the last displays. Nana’s fatherless pregnancy will deliver extra spits as Loretta too drives herself to Fellah’s home.

We are going to enjoy quarrels and new settlement because the secrets and techniques revolving round continues on unfolding. Check out for key updates on Zora citizen television Show – Tomorrow regarding fifteenth 15th September 2021 Episode.

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