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Zora Citizen Tv 11th February 2022 full Episode Part 1 and 2 – Written Updates


Zora Citizen Tv Today Written Updates

As Zora Citizen tv part 1 starts Mama zora is seen making a strange call to “mkuu.” She is questioned why she is making the call to after being warned. But who is Mama Zora? She also takes back calling him as a wild cat.

Hii ni nini umenifanyia, omba tu tugeuke milima ndio tusikutane, nakwambia ile kitu nitakufanyia! Hautaamini.” Mkuu ends by laughing. Mzee Simba enters with Fyata making her end the call.

Calling him baba wa taifa, Mama Zora too recognises Fyata as Mama wa taifa. She requests them to call all news writers and blogger to stripe her story. Mama Zora accuses Every person who enters the room responsible for what she is passing through.

Fyata leaves and Simba follows. Fyata apologises for all her recent moves. The two reconcile. Simba had accused his wife on phone responsibility in Mama Zora’s problems following her actions not bothering what was going on.

Madiba Reports Nana

Madiba and Zalena invite detective into the missing children issue. He claims to be following the protocol since the last time children appeared was in her house. Immediately, Zora and Fellah enters. Zora asks why everyone is interrogating Nana as if she is behind everything.

Detective remains shocked. “Who are you and why are you involved in this case?” He tries to figure out his memory remembering Zora bailed her out when she was arrested.

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Zora Citizen Tv 11th and 14thFebruary 2022 full Episode Part 1 and 2 – Written Updates



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