As Zora Citizen Tv show continues, most of the viewers keep on expressing their views. This happens to be the general feeling about all that the show entails. For a successful show like Zora it all starts from as low as Script writing to the production point where it all relies on finance.

This should be your general feedback on the show that took a better part of the year 2021 all the way from March. As the new things unfold in 2022 for example Oscar siding with Zalena is little shocking after all that she did to him.

We also expected to see a violent Oscar full of anger but this doesn’t happen. You can also share your opinion concerning the roles. Which characters do you think plays their roles well. This is just to check on your knowledge and understanding of the characters present in the show.

Our Bold Question is:

Who is your Most talented Character in the show?

Drop your comment in the comments section below.

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