Pipi is Back to hustle with life

Pipi of Zora Citizen tv explains to Simba that he came back to hustle with life. He says in this life he doesn’t want to depend on any person for survival.

Apart from this discussion pipi also accepts to house Lilah and Filah. Although he advices, this was not a good step Simba to take. This may lead them into more problems putting in mind they are daughter’s related to prominent politicians.

Nana seeks Zoras Help

Nana Gets information Zora is in hospital after Mama Zora fell sick unexpectedly. Nana gets this information from Hamida who is in Fellah’s house. She was one of the chefs invited to cook for the family as they have family gathering.

After asking Zora for some time to talk Nana is cut short by Zora to bother her own business. Zora claims the concern about Lilah and Filah is non of her business. She leaves Nana helpless at the reception.

Oscar opens opens up

No more threats. Oscar alerts Zalena to stop threats him. He claims the children are in her custody just to punish Madiba for failing to side with her. He also adds that Zalena doesn’t care about her blood.

On the other side Madiba and Kwame are on the run looking for the children.

Pipi and Simba Discuss

Pipi seems to be so harsh in answering questions. But point on another he explains why he came back to ghetto after following his mother to the rural when she fell sick.

Mabombe karibuni, jiseti na nisione sura ya mtu nje.” Pipi tells the girls.

Surprisingly the girls can’t agree now. They started blame game after Lilah complains the life is not worth her standards. Filah tries to flash back what happened before the time till they went back to mashambani. “Learn to appreciate other people’s life. Its not their wish.”

Zora and Fellah dozing in Hospital

Mama Zora sends Zora and Fellah away: Zora is accused by her mother to be responsible for the faults she is passing through. Zora and Fellah resolve to go home after Fellah’s Mother comes in to release them. She also lays the same claim to to Mama Fellah.

Simba mediates reconciliation

Simba after hearing the arguments between Lilah and Filah he tactically reconciles them. He jokes around. “Hebu sasa cheka cheka, smile.” This happens to be a good trick. They eve decide to eat the ghetto food first before Pipi comes back.

As Zora Citizen Tv hits its climax, Fellah at home requests Zora to help Nana. Although it sounds like a trap but he explains out why he feels so. One of the reasons is because Nana needs her help.

Nana anaweza kuwa mtu mbaya but hawezi kuangusha. Suicide si mchezo, huyu dem alijaribu kujiua na watoi wamelost. Anapitia alot” Fellah explain.

Fyata is back to hospital so that no one can accuse her being responsible of what Mama Zora is passing through. Todays episode ends.

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