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Zora 3rd December 2021: How Milton lost 6M


As Zora citizen tv show continues, Milton trusts Papa Freddy and his new lover 100%. This is evident after he doesn’t suspect anything in the deal tagged BUSINESS LEGIT.

As they continue with the wash wash business Milton trusts deepens until he picks the money and showers the whole room. In the process Milton decides to celebrate. As usual a good celebration calls for a drink, Milton consumed to his best not knowing what awaited for him.

Papa with his Wash Wash business counterparts cheers up as he continues taking beer. Finally Milton is drunk. On his regaining he finds himself alone in the house. Checks the bags and confirms money is intact. He doesn’t care about the whereabouts of his lover and Papa.

Now Milton arrives Home with bags full of money. He is on his high ranking. He drives Neema dunk with money in the bags. In the love event Nana enters. She is dismayed with the money. As usual Nana is a celebration queen. She pulls out the first notes. Oh no. She decides to pull out from the small bag.

Interestingly she sees a maize back. She pours everything out.

Check out in the picture. This is what they got after their investment.

Nana is crazy, Auntie Loretta enters and confirms the money.

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