Zora Citizen Tv 22nd February 2022 Full Episode: Things get out of hand. Hodan has now decided to open up to Nana. She starts by introducing herself as an NIS officer.

“Nakaa Kukuprank, hii si prank I am an NIS Agent Hodan Adan.” This time she changes the looks of her face. Nana can now sense some seriousness.

In the next Tuesday episode we are awaiting to see what will happen. We are eager to see what message Hodan has brought for her best friend Nana.

Remember Nana and Hodan have been friends for a long time. She pretended until Nana could not suspect anything. The two had to part ways after disagreement on who to love and advices.

Hodan was also relocated from her working station after disclosing information about Nana’s Wash Wash business. We came to learn about this when the two had a discussion over things getting out of hand.

Now we suspect Hodan has got some important information about evidences collected by Ogola. She has come to share with Nana just to ensure her best friend does not land into problems.

Ogola is also an NIS agent spying on the politicians family Mr Oliver. He has some evidences including Kwame confessing to his mother how Alma is haunting him. Alma was Kwame’s wife who died after she was pushed by her husband.

Zalena framed an accident just to save her son from being jailed. But Alma’s spirit has never slept to rest. It keeps on tormenting Kwame. He claims every time he wants to move on Alma destructs him. He wants to present himself to the police and confess.

Get Zora Citizen Tv 22nd, February, 2022 full episode on Viusasa.

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