Today Zora Citizen Tv show takes a new path after the unexpected happens. Tambua Africa has been following closely to make sure you are updated of what is happening. The Narration here is exactly of what is going on in the show helping those who are not OK with the Language have a clue of what is going on.

Zora Citizen Tv 6th January 2022 – (By Tambua Africa News)

1. Mzee Simba advices his GrandSon.

Simba and Mzee Simba discuss Zoras state and the cause of reaction. Mzee Simba urges the young boy to offer his mother support.

“Niko are nataka kuku wangu. We cheka tu lakini sitoki hapa bila kuku.” He jocks with his grand son.

2. Milton is send to the servants Quarter (SQ)

After Zalena is back into the Mansion she asks Milton not to access Her grand daughter’s room. He is given a suggestion either to go into the SQ or any Comfortable toilet he finds. In the event Milton is rendered powerless and cannot even request for anything from Neema.

Fellah too calls for support: on the other side Fellah also asks Simba to give Zora support. Mzee Simba also before leaving asks Fellah to put into consideration what they discussed while at the hospital.

Ogola at the gate: Ogola is now getting to the final of his investigation. He is speaking to himself as he feels easy in his work after the family is back to the Mansion. As Ogola thinks about that Milton approaches asking for Neema’s room.

Room ya neema iko wapi. Ya SQ non-essential room ya Neema.” Milton asks.

After he shows poor Milton Neema’s room, Ogola is a bit worried of what Neema is planning.

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Zora Screams: Zora screams on top of her voice “Nooooooooo” Simba runs in the room asking what’s wrong with his mother but at first no answers.

Loretta asks for Breakfast: Loretta calls out Neema asking for breakfast. This is discouraged by Madiba. He informs Aunty Loretta to stay hungry if she can’t join others at the dining. As Madiba commands and instructs Fellah intrudes from nowhere warning Loretta to stay away from his Family. He even informs her how bad he is.

Mimi siwezi cause miscarriage, but naweza simamisha roho. Uliza huyu mama. (Referring to Loretta).” Fellah warns his old times lover Loretta.

Simba takes care of his mother: Simba takes his grand father’s advice seriously. He serves his mother with water and even goes to an extent of asking if she is OK. He also ask his mother to explain what happened to her if she won’t mind. Zora explains to his son but playing too shallow not to disclose the Bitter part of the whole scenario.

Zalena warns Loretta to stay away from Fellah: Tambua Africa Writes: Zalena warns Loretta not to fight Fellah remembering what Oliver said about him. As the two discuss Milton is seen walking harder followed by a man man in Suit. This happens to be the lawyer. Zalena smiles after seeing the two.

Kwame changes his mind after seeing the kind of person Fellah is. He asks his brother to stay away from Zora. It should be remembered Kwame had earlier advised Madiba to follow his heart.

The Will Drama takes on: (Tambua Africa)

After the lawyer settles the first thing he asks if the family is undergoing any problems. He explains how Zalena is the rightful owner of the house being the legal wife to the late Mr Oliver. Lawyer to some point disagrees with Milton’s suggestion to take the Will matter back into court. He asks how he will appear in Court after withdrawal.

That one minute kesi iko Kortini, the other minute Kesi irudishwe kortini, Skiza bwana, mimi naheshimu Sheria na kazi yangu.”

Milton calls this as pure betrayal bug the fact is that all is filled. Lawyer is only waiting for the parties to be intact and finalise everything. As they try to elaborate points Nana too enters. Loretta request for her brother before the last nail is hit on the Will and inheritance issue circulating in the Chibale’s. She tells off Zalena at the same time asking the family Lawyer to see the door.

Double Drama, Oscar resurfaces Heather than before.

Oscar comes in immediately he is needed. He appears to be more smart and Heather than he was before. First he hugs his sister Loretta. After the warm welcome Milton now questions who he is.

As he asks Zalena tries to ask Milton to stop Disrespecting his father. Oscar is the biological father to Milton. Although he fails to proof this till the end of the Episodes but in Zora Citizen Tv show 7th January 2022 all shall he disclosed.

Tambua Africa will be on the forward to being you the full story as our Zora Citizen Tv 8th January 2022 written update.

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