Yolah a character in the most watched Citizen Tv show finds her real parents. This happens after being dumped by her lover and anticipated baby daddy Mr Milton Chibale.

Milton Chibale abandoned Yolah because of her character. She had broken all the communication channels with Milton but later found to have married Kwame a member in Chibale’s household.

Milton Chibale the true son to Oliver Chibale sent Yolah away because of her unfaithfulness. Yolah on being sent away from the house she decides to land at her Auntie’s house. On arrival she is not given a warm welcome. Her aunt is bitter after suffering with Yolas step mother and later death slashed her life short.

In the discussion coincidentally, Mama Zora too breaks up with her husband Simba. It also happened after Simba realised that she is a witch. Mama zora too decides to go to her relatives. She enters the house and meets the Auntie to Yolah and Zora quarreling. She first receives the news of her sisters death and later introduced to her daughter Yolah.

Yolah is notified to meet her real Mother since the one she is used to is not her biological mother. This happened after her biological mother dumped her and went missing. Mama Zora collapses.

Mama zora after regaining consciousness she takes them through the whole story and how it happened. She informs them that Yolah was a product of rape.

She was raped when she was coming from the market and threatened not to disclose any information or else she could loose her life. The father to Yolah is MATANO.

Despite knowing who he is No one is aware of his whereabouts. From the happenings we can now boldly tell that Yolah and Zora are sisters linked to the same mother.

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