What do you have Sada,,,,, Major asks, Sada has no idea she could be dead if not for Asya.

“Mnajifanya magwiji wa kujigambagamba,”

Sada promises to do something that will leave him regret. “Nitakufanyia kitu, na hili jua la mchana litakua shahidi.”

Jj after leaving with Dida, he is surprised to meet Kaka at their stop. After her inquiry, Jj is told off to mind their business and not to involve Kaka. She is the one who invited Kaka and had planned to meet.

Sultana is one of the most famous shows widely watched in and outside Kenya. It entails actors and actresses that have been in the industry for a very long time.

Sultana Citizen Tv 29th November 2022 – Full Episode part 1 and 2

For example Major Jabali popular Suleiman Fadhili. He is highly experienced in acting and one of his famous movie include Pete where he acted as the King – Mfalme Mazrui.

Sada too is an actress who has been in the field among Fatima, Buya, Jj, Sultana herself, and Mzee Maneno.

Sultana airs Live on Citizen Tv every week day from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm.

Viewers can also follow the show series as well as watch ahead of everyone else by subscribing to Viusasa.

Incase you miss the show, Fans can also catch up by watching Sultana Omnibus show every Saturday at 5.00 PM.

Monday’s Sultana Citizen Tv 28th November 2022 Episode

Tuesday’s Sultana Citizen Tv 29th November 2022 Episode.

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