Big question lacking answers in the show. Many people who love Zora citizen Tv show are asking question if Zora a star in the show and madiba who also happens to be a main character marry each other.

Our bold answer for once is yes. Zora may be married by madiba. From the previous episode we encountered Zora answering off Madiba harshly concerning their previous relationship.

This came up after Madiba is found at Mzee Simbas home having a discussion with the old man. Unfortunately Zora visits without notice and fails to great Madiba. This hurts madiba so much a thing that forces him to hold her back as she tries getting into the house. Zora obeys and listens to him.

Madiba pours everything running through his mind on the table. He reminds Zora how they departed without having a bigger issue to keep away greetings. He also asks for which worst thing he may have done to deserve this kind of treatment.

Madiba flashbacks how Zora broke his marriage ceremony with Nana. And if it was genuine love why is she ignoring him. From this flashback Madiba swears how he madly loves Zora but she stops him off with a heart breaking statement.

Zora explains why she appeared during the marriage day. Zora says it was her own deal and Strategy to rescue Nana from associating with the Chibale’s weakened family.

“I don’t love you and it will never happen. Do you think meeting at the graveyard was a coincidence? It was not. I don’t love you.” She said.

But from the look of things and Literature point of view, Zora will be haunted by Madiba’s statements and may Bow down to them. It is just a matter of time.

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