Sultana Citizen Tv show Written Updates

Love Issues in the show.

1. Sultana loves Jj and not Kokan

Despite saving her life, Sultana has never developed any kind of feelings towards Kokan. Sultana developed her feelings towards Jabali Junior the very first day the two met while she was busy eating stolen Oranges from Major’s farm.

On the other hand Jj is also in love with Sultana. He discloses to her that the day cannot with having a glance on her.

Although Jj is forced to get married to Dida, he is resolved to marry Sultana.

2. Dida Loves Kaka and not Jj

Dida is Madly in love with Kaka. Despite having been introduced to Jj in her childhood, Dida falls in love with Kaka the day they are celebrating Jay Jay’s homecoming.

Dida wants to be married to Kaka. It is also evident Dida’s mother is after material gain from her daughter and it’s not all about love.

Recently after Jj is summoned by the panel over the Overdose case, Fatima calls her daughter urging her to forget Jj incase he loses his job.

Will Jj Marry Sultana?

Bottom line

At the end of Sultana Citizen Tv show, Jj might end up Marrying Sultana and Dida getting married to Kaka.

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