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Why Teachers Have not yet received their July Salaries

July which makes the first month of every financial year is marred with several activities in the country.

All government departments are always up and down to ensure the next year goals are set before the year starts going.

Teachers service commission also has several tasks to do in their offices.

They last authorised payment of teachers last month by around 15th June.


This month has been unique as its approaching 28th that’s next week and yet its black smoke all over.

What might have caused the delays?.

Yes, there is CBA implementation which needs to be done by this month.

No doubt it must be implemented as tsc had confirmed that.

This process is no joke as much the system is there to help do it.

Preparing the payroll for all those new entities might be a challenge and cause delays in payments.

There was administrators payroll clean up exercise at the headquarters.

Do you recall the memo requesting all county directors to identify principals, deputy principals and senior reachers in their area of jurisdiction?.

Yes this exercise was done and completed. So the commission had to clean up the payroll.

They had already established that their was ghost promoted teachers earning more than what they were supposed to earn.

This has probably delayed the payment exercise this month.

Yesterday the memo was released postponing the salary review of APS in national police service.

The memo said their was a technical hitch in server. Maybe the same hitch has happened in salaries and remuneration commission.

If so then it may lead to delays of salary payment to almost all civil servants who expected salary increment.

What is next now?.

The only option for teachers now is to relax, they have to be patient and hope for the best.

Its clear that no one is there to denied them their dues, the only problem is time.

This is not new here. Teachers were warned in advance over July delays by experts.

It was expected as the tasks ahead were not easy.

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