Bi Ua continues to disown her baby boy Jabali Junior. She has been in disagreement with any person congratulating her for giving birth to a baby boy.

This has been so embarrassing and disappointing Major Jabali.

Sultana Citizen Tv 7th April 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2 will disclose more hidden information. Bi Ua is aware she gave birth to a baby girl. That is why she tells Asya she will carry her daughter once she wakes up.

Asya and Bi Salama collaborated to and took away Baby Sultana. This was not their wish but due to pressure and fear.

First Asya feared being slaughtered by Major Jabali. She new Jabali expects a boy child and he could run mad incase he heard that it was a girl.

On ther other hand, Bi Salama was afraid of her life. She thought the child was dead and their was no way to explain to Major.

She quickly thought of exchanging the child with another that had just been born the same night unfortunately its mother died.

Sultana Citizen Tv 7th April 2022 opens up viewers eyes. In the show we also come across Maneno having an anniversary ceremony for her late wife.

His wife died while giving birth to Zuu in Sultana citizen tv show.

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