Who Killed Almah: Zora Citizen tv tomorrow Full Episode 19th July 2021. To many people who love watching Zora Citizen Tv show every week day from 7.30 to 8.10 PM,, It may have happened that one day you missed due to the Jam or unplanned delay.

Since this Telenovela program is continuously rolling over you need to watch every single episode to be on track with what is happening and what may happen next.

From the previous episodes we find Love wrangle between Kwame and Alma. This happens after Nana reveals the relationship existing between Kwame and Yola. Whe she ambushed them in the Love act on Almad Matrimonial bed,,,, that is when She met with her death.

How the secret will be revealed.

A secret has never existed between two or more people. From this act too many people are suspicious since they have a clue on what may have happened.

  • Yola Knows Kwame killed Alma and she might reveal that later.
  • Nana Knows what lead to death, that is Yola who lead to death. She might explain out in court.
  • Zora got some clues from Nana she might tell Madiba.
  • Oscar had different postmortem results… he might also ask for answers from court since she knows Zalena is not a good woman.
  • Kwame might feel guilty and decide to pour out.

Madiba proposes to Zora

As love is the key in the show ,,, Madiba is also attracted to Zora. In the next episode,, we are prepared to see how Madiba will frame and approach Zora. On the other hand how Simba and his father will react.

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