Zora citizen Tv show is one of the most watched plays in Kenya. It is acted by more talented creators who have invested more of their ability to leave funs more entertained. Today we first analyse the 11th Show that happens to be hotter and opening the other scenes in the play. Before we have a Recap on who attacked Loretta!

Zora written updates by Tambua Africa

Zora citizen tv 11th January – Part 1

As the play begins it all kicks off at Oliver’s House. We find Madiba consuming alcohol. After he is high on it madiba calls Zora but doesn’t utter a single word. This makes Zora think it is Loretta. But after confirming she notices its Madiba.

“Madiba, Najua unaumia lakini please hold on.”  Zora speaks to her self.

Madiba appears to be so much crazy about Zora his only lover. He doesn’t care about anything. Madiba tries to explain his thoughts but all yields in vain. Madiba is drunk and lies flat on the ground.

Mama Zora pays Zora A Visit

Mama Zora Visits: Mama Zora Visits and requests to see Zora although no one entertains her. She is asked to leave the house not considering the fact that she is their biological mother. Zora blames Fellah for allowing her in. Ad they still are worried about the next step Mzee Simba walks in. He creates a ground for Mama Zora to pour all her past experiences. She opens how traumatised she was after being abuse leading to drug abuse. She relates Simba to the man who abused her. This statement sinks Mzee Simba into deep thoughts.

How Dare You: The two rivals meet under the same roof, to the sides of their key subject Fellah and witnessed by Mzee Simba. Loretta walks in the midst. She now vows to have Fellah. On a bitter note Nana also walks in and question on Zora’s hunt for Madiba. The two leave Fellah confused on how to explain all that.

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Zora Part 2

Madiba risks going into Fellah’s Bar. He in drunk state creates drama after boasting about Zora. Fellah is informed about Madiba’s claims. He comes in on top of his anger ready to fight like he promised his wife. Fellah attacks Madiba but Zora intervention rescues him.

Who Attacked Loretta?

As the episodes hits closer to its last minute we encounter a vehicle hitting up Loretta. Loretta is hit hard and left languishing in pains. But who may be the person behind all this? Maybe it’s Zora. Zora may be paying back for what Loretta did to her causing her loose her baby. Two, it may be the angry Fellah. Also Zalena may be involved after Loretta’s Concerns about her current relationship with Oscar. Or last it also may be Talia who had vowed not to let any part of Chibale go un punished.

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