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When will KYEOP Cycle 7 grants be disbursed?


KYEOP- Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities project is a project that empowers and uplifts youth in the country by equipping them with essential training, internship and business grant opportunities.

The Youths are intern required to use the acquired skills and grants to create self employment and employment opportunities for other Youths.

How to Register for KYEOP!

To register for KYEOP visit then fill the firm correctly giving correctly information as per your National Identification Card.

  • Name
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Current location
  • I’d Number

KYEOP Cycles

KYEOP has group Youths depending on tye time of application. It all started with Cycles 1 till now at Cycles 7 of which the application was done recently in October 2021.


Cycle 7 Fund disbursement

As the successful candidates keep on waiting for their grants to start business, The employment organization through their Official communication SMS urged Youths to be patient. They went ahead indicating that they will deposit money into respective accounts immediately money is released to them by the national treasury.

  1. When will KYEOP Cycle 7 grants be disbursed?

    Cycle 7 Fund / Grants disbursement will be disbursed to the respective accounts & will be completed within the year of 2022.

  2. How much is the Kyeop grant?

    KYEOP grants range between KSH 20,000k TO 1M

  3. How do you know you have been selected by Kyeop?

    To Know if selected for KYEOP you will receive a confirmation text with your ARN number, ID , Date of birth and gender upon registration.

  4. Which cycle is Kyeop now?

    KYEOP Cycle 8 online application is yet to be launched.

“KYEOP aims at increasing employment and earning opportunities for targeted youth, (18-29) who are unemployed. This is achieved through various skills training and entrepreneurship support thus supporting the youth to find jobs or employ themselves.
#Tambua Inua Endeleza Vijana.”

How do I apply for a KYEOP loan?

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