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When is Kazi Mtaani beginning? – PS Hinga

Kazi Mtaani a program that was set to uplift the vulnerable Youth from in the remote region. This program was allocated funds from the national treasury through President Uhuru Kenyatta to create employment during the Covid-19 times.

The program is divided into phases as the most recent recruitment process is still in progress. Kenyans after online applications have been impatient due to the silence by the responsible Ministry.

Kazi Mtaani Shortlisted Candidates

After online applications, Candidates have remained in darkness not to access any information concerning the whole process. Although they were promised the employment process will be free and fare based on first come first served.

Hon Charles Hinga Mwaura asked all Candidates to confirm and update their registration details accordingly through Kazi Mtaani Online Portal.


He also encouraged all to remain calm since the whole process requires keen attention to avoid favoritism and unexpected mistakes.

When is Kazi Mtaani beginning?

Kazi mtaani is set to begin as early as From the time the merit Lists and successfully candidates are communicated but not later than July 2022.

How to confirm Kazi Mtaani application Online

Candidates can now access their profile and confirm Kazi Mtaani application details Online. The whole process is digital to avoid crowding in the government offices that may trigger the spread of Corona Virus.

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