What to expect in Zora Citizen Tv show – 2022

When a script is written it is always put into consideration how to keep viewers stimulating to watch or read more. This is one of the most useful skill in literature work.

In the entertainment sector we have many kinds of Entertainers just to mention Movies and Music. In Kenya Acting has never been the same since the Times of Mama Kayai, Mzee Ojwang’, Papa Shirandula, the TBT tv Shows. It is clear to say even if you watched any of these Shows 100 times there is no way you may be bored or tired watching.

Same to the current Shows on Citizen Tv, Maria and Zora should have applied the same. We still have complaints on the streets why they had to let Maria come to an end. The show that revolved around sympathy and Love involved a young poor Girl Maria wa Kitaa who fell in love with a dynasty Luwi Hausa. The feeling in the show still burns the hearts of the show lovers. It gave birth to To the current Zora Tv which is more of Love and betrayal.

As the show hits into the new year Kenyans have expressed their experience and expectations come the year 2022. They have outlined the strong points in the show not living out how real it is related to the current generation.

They also criticized the point to have a PG rated show whereas Giffy Productions know well the time stipulated for Zora is targeting children and teenagers atmost.

Expectations for the new year is a show that will switch and incorporate more education compared to Entertainment. For every creative work should have some positive impact to the society and not by instilling immoral behaviours.

We will keep on updating Zora Citizen Tv lover with video, Audio and written updates immediately the new season is released bound by the rights to the Copyright ownership rules and regulations.


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