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Zora Citizen Tv part 1

Scene 1: Hospital

Loretta claims Zora must pay. Loretta was a victim of hit and run. She was hit by a car as she was entering the gate. Ogola heard her scream where by he notified everyone. Later she was taken to hospital.

Scene 2: Nana’s House

Zora comes out of Nana’s House. She has witnessed Madiba with a Vest and short a clear indication that he spent his night at Nana’s House. But Madiba in his real senses could not do this. He was drunk. Just to confirm Madiba can even remember what he did.

“Unasema unanipenda lakini hapa unaspend quality time na mwanamke mwingine.” Zora speaks to herself.

Nana advices Madiba to pass through the hospital. Madiba asks for what reason something that shocked Nana so much. He can’t remember that his Aunty Loretta is hospitalised because of an accident.

Milton, Zalena and Kwame are asked to leave the room

The three closest people to Loretta are asked to leave the room. This is to give room for the doctor to give out confidential information. After the three have left the doctor opens to Loretta the bad news. It is after the CT scan that it was confirmed her pelvic bone where badly injured. This has also lead to the destruction of the womb hence she cannot bare a child. Loretta cries bitterly.

Scene 3: Fellah’s Home

After a long period of waiting Fellah Calls again Zora but coincidentally she enters the door. Madiba looks very annoyed after many unanswered calls he had made. Zora shows him the message concerning Loretta. Zora asks him if he has a hand in the matter since they happen to be the the first suspects. Fellah denies three times.

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Zora Citizen Tv part 2 Tonight Episode

Madiba walks in the hospital reception. He is received by Milton asking him not to have come with bad behaviours this time round. Oscar notifies them about the inability to conceive. Madiba is shocked but shut down by Milton.

“Now you are concerned and yesterday you were wishing death on her.”-Milton tells Madiba.

Scene 4: Oliver’s House

What Ogola found in Zalena’s Room in Zora Citizen Tv Show Tonight Episode

Undercover Police on a Mission Mr Ogola dominates the House. He is seen hovering around finding his way to the master bedroom. Tactically and proffesionaly Ogola is seen perusing important documents from the drawer. Step by step he walks unnoticed.

Madiba Warns Milton: Madiba Warns Milton on his bitterness about the problem that has hit Loretta. He urges Milton not to pretend being sorry when he laughed at Kwame. He also did not leave out Nana who was in support of him. Madiba seriously asks Milton and Nana to apologise to Kwame. Milton stands and disappears without a word. His father Oscar follows him asking where he is going to.

Madiba calls Kwame who briefs him about what transpired when he was drunk.

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