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What is CBC in Kenya Education?

Kenya National Education System takes a twist after many years of Old Curriculum. The new curriculum that is gradually seeing out the 8.4.4 has left parents with no answers but to swim through as the system welcomes the grade 6 come April 2022.

The CBC was introduced way back in 2017 where it is to reduce the number of years for learning Primary school from 8 to Six. This comes ot after a learner graduates in Early Years Education (EYE) which was formerly known as Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) joined with Grade 1, 2, 3.

From Early Childhood a learner Is allowed to the next level that is Grade 4, 5, 6.

Parents this time are supposed to be aware of the simple CBC as used in the Education sector.


CBC itself is an abbreviation of Competency Based Curriculum. Different from 8.4.4 CBC is aimed to base on growth of learners ability and development instead of forcing a child to perform and score higher max in national examinations. This is to help reduce the pressure exerted on the learners by the teachers and parents at the same time creating room for Examination irregularities and malpractices.

Learners and schools based on the old curriculum were ranked hence terming learners as either successful or failures. This killed the moral to struggle for success in a pupil life. It also created room for discrimination as those who don’t achieve a set mark is isolated and unprivileged for good deals like university joining and further studies at the same time During job interviews.

CBC has come to put all children on the same levels with their ability and talents being made to impact positively in the society as they struggle to fit in the system.

Competency Based Curriculum learners are not subjected to Examination but a national Assessment. The assessment is always continuous where the teacher indicates the learners level of Performance basing on the 4 ratings. That is the child may be either

1. Below Expectations, 2. Approaching Expectations, 3. Meeting Expectations, or 4. Exceeding Expectations.

The method and procedure of rating is always provided to the teacher by a certain formula indicated on the special sheet called an Assessment Lubric.

This System is anticipated to place every child in his specific learning interest. As it sounds good at the same time it is exerting a pinch on the teachers and parents. This us after the Ministry of Education in Connection with the employer TSC have started sending teacher back to class for an upgrade program. The upgrade program is set to help teachers gain knowledge on how to handle the CBC Curriculum and learners too through class content delivery.

Parents have also cried out after all daily activities call for their full involvement. Parents have been heard through Media lamenting about doing homework and spending alot of money to support the system.

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