Madiba is very happy. The wedding Day is around the corner. In Zora citizen tv show, we come across Madiba who is not a true chibale waiting for his special day.

A day to marry the love of his life Nana. This is to happen after he lost his lovely wife in a car accident on her birthday.

The whole family is up in the preparation for the wedding. Yola is seen to be very busy. On the other hand;

Simba’s mother leaves tough instructions for his son not to dare get out of the house. He must study the whole day since he failed the exams.

Oliver Chibale is also stressed up. He is not planned to appear in the wedding ceremony at all. We find Zalena his wife trying to invite him to keep the family shame. He is also to do it if not for Madiba, For Nana and if not for Nana for the grandchildren.

Photo Curtesy: Front – Zalena , Back – Yola

At the end we find Yola having a hidden agenda. She smears some Drugs on the glass that the bridegroom will use. Unfortunately Lila uses the glass to have some water……

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