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Watu Credit Accused of Stealing Motorbikes From Borrowers

Watu Credit is a loan and credit company that enables Kenyans access assets on daily instalments of approximately Ksh300 – Ksh500 instalments.

Watu Credit company offers Kenyans Motorbikes on a deposit of as low as Ksh10,000 deposit, and they walk away owning the property.

Recently, Watu Credit has been on the spot after theft accusations. The company is allegedly said to steal motorbike from the borrowers immediately after they clear paying the loan.

According to the claims circulating on media, Watu Credit company installs a tracking device on the motorbike upon deposit payment and loan approval. The device is to aid in tracking and repossession in circumstances the borrower fails to pay.


In other instances, the gadget helps to locate the motorbike in case it is Stollen. According to the borrowers who have been victims of theft say, the only person with the ability to trace and steal the motorbike is the same Watu company.

These allegations have been made to welcome the DCI investigation on the matter and restore sanity in Watu Credit Company.

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