Zora citizen tv show 24th November 2021 Episode.

Part 1

Zora’s mother who happens to be Yolah’s mother too crys bitterly. Yolah has died because of a miscarriage caused by poison. She questions Milton for firing Yolah.

“Ama ulimpatia Sumu, Alisema ulomfukuza na ukamwangushia biashara.” Mama zora says.

Milton explains how he had loved Yolah but because of misunderstanding they had to part ways.

On the other side Master denies Hamidas request to help in the fight against the kidney problem. Milton brings the sad news home.

Breaking News. – Yolah is dead. Their is a substance that was found in his body that caused miscarriage. Through over bleeding it caused death. Auntie Loretta doesn’t receive the news lightly same to Nana.

Zora’s mother takes the news to Zora and Fellah. She accuses them of being unkind. Zora Acknowledges she is. She claims to have done with that kind of family and she won’t care what has happened. Zora sends off her mother from her compound harshly.

Madiba too receives the news from Auntie Loretta. She accuses Kwame and their mother Zalena.

“Hello Yolah is dead. Madiba, you know what your Mother and Kwame are capable of.” After hearing on this Madiba goes crazy. He rushes home and lives his daughter’s with Simba. Part 1 ends as Madiba runs.

Part 2

Madiba without thinking twice he accuses the two. Kwame is sure maybe Alma killed her. She killed shopkeeper, then Yolah who may be next.

Nana visits Yolah to discuss Yolah’s death. She explains how and the story behind Almas death. Surprisingly Zora explains she is the blood sister to Yolah and whoever called Milton was her mother.

Zalena visits lifetime friend Fred Ngamwaya. She explains the reason she visited is for business reason. The two enter into an agreement to work together being assisted with the PA. The two plan to retrieve the wealth from Milton.

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