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WATCH: Zora Citizen Tv Tomorrow’s Full Episode 18th October 2021

What is going on in Zora, a Citizen TV show

1. Reading of the Will, Date disclosed

Chibale’s family lawyer has boldly disclosed the old man’s will. Mr Chibale had wished to have his Will read few days after his burial.

This has put Kwame and his mother and wife yola on toes just to know their share in advance.

2. Zalena Bribes Lawyer and this is what she discovered from the Will.

  1. Zalena _ 5
  2. Madina _10
  3. Kwame _10
  4. Oscar _30
  5. Loretta _30
  6. Milton _15

Zalena also discoverers out the Oliver had a Son out of Wedlock. The name of the boy is called Milton. He is also given a bigger percentage than Madiba and Zalena. Milton is given 15 percent of Oliver’s wealth.

Living out Zalena Oliver too did not forget his blood brother and sister Oscar and LORRETA. He too shared his will to them. He allocated a bigger percentage of 30 percent each.

Apart from the old man’s wish, Madina too is out to visit Zora’s father. From the visit in the show 8th Episode on 15th October 2021 he discovered that his father left him a piece of land. He was also told the other piece belongs to his brother of which Madiba has never known about. He left to go and question his mother for the truth.

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