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Watch: Zora Citizen Tv Tomorrow 10th November 2021 full episode


Part 1

I genuinely love you Kwame, Yolah tells Kwame.

Madiba proves he never loves his late wife. This is from films View. He travels all the way to the cemetery but can’t afford reaching his late wife’s grave.

Yolah swear to love kwame. This is because she has never revealed the secret. She swallows a drug risking her life. This is meant to prove she loves him.

A team from the court arrives home after the hearing. Nana is worried she may be arrested. Lawyer prepares her to be ready for anything. She is supposed to be financial ready to face the court judgment.

Mama zora wants to bewitch Zoras father. She wants him to love her unconditionally but on the side of work to do by himself. The witchcraft man promises to give her the last egg.

Fellah disagrees with Nana over their agreement.

Part 2

Yolah is still down after taking drugs. Kwame involves his mother. Zalena advices Yolah does not have any other plans to go somewhere. She asks Kwame to be easy on her.

As the show proceeds Fellah Zora and requests they have another new bone looking at the age of the second born. She is ready and willing to take the risk of carrying another pregnancy despite her health conditions.

Pipi breaks the news. He tells his father about the return of Zora to her husband Fellah. Master doesn’t believe. He doesn’t believe his father too is back to a relationship with his wife Mama Pipi. Hamidah too thinks of going back to her husband Fadhili.

Mzee Simba discovered Mama Zora is a witch. Yolah wants to break the silence but unfortunately Auntie Loretta disrupts with a visitor. She comes with a man whom we suspect is the Son to Oliver.

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