Watch the latest Zora Citizen Tv 30th November 2021 Full Episode – Part 1 and 2 on YouTube. This is a narrative of how the show flows from one scene to another.


Master the Father to Pipi and husband to Fidi IS released from police custody. This happens after he was arrested. Master was arrested after he was involved in a phone scandal.

Masters wife Fidi is very sick. The medication bill was very overwhelming for her husband. This forced him to start involving himself in an unlawful acquisition of money. He joined a gang that snatched phones from people and also involving money robbery.

As the saying goes first day success second never guarantees the same result, one of his gangster brought a phone to Masters Home not knowing the CID were tracking it. Immediately he hands over to Master then a shocker happens as they are asked to surrender. The two were arrested.

News were broken to Fellah and Zora his wife. After Fellah calls the police he gets to know that the phone was from a famous English man whose body was found in a river.

Fellah tries his best and Master is released from the police custody.

At Masters Home

Zora requests for privacy to discuss an issue with Hamida. As she requests Hamida requests her to just be open since their is no need.

Pipi asks her mother a very touching question as he thanks Zora and Hamida.

“Mum can you imagine the people you we bullying are the ones at your rescue.” The boy asks

At the late Oliver’s House

Milton loves Neema. As she is busy in the room on to her chores Milton pulls her closer to his body but in the process to express his love to her Auntie Loretta enters without notice. Milton tenses. Loretta asks what Milton is trying to do to a maid.

“You can not consider the problems we are encountering you want to create more.”

Milton was just trying to know her. This is what he claims to Auntie saying he has everything under control. He says within three days he will make Neema’s life higher than it is now. The love thing is also witnessed by Nana.

After the Milton’s plan failed Neema too was not happy. She was in for him. She expresses her bitterness to Ogola.

Ogola says he cannot fall in love to Neema.

“Ogola nikwambie nimependwa. Dunia nzima hii napendwa na watu wenye pesa zao.”
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