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Fellah is introduced to Master by Zora. The two seem to have known each other before but the do not want it know to Zora. But where could they have met. This will be explained later.

At Oliver’s House

The show starts at a higher level where we find Nana questioning Milton about the money. He opens up how he invested 6 million and got a Profit of 4 Million. She shows some interest to join the deal. The two accompan each other.

Papa Freddy’s House

We find papa having a meeting with his business friends as they wait for Milton. They wait for Milton is 20 minutes time.

The Phone rings, that was Zalena confirming about Milton’s arrival. She asks for a timely update whenever he comes.

Kwame and mother quarrel over washing of clothes.

Kwame brings clothes for zalena to wash but this doesn’t work. Zalena directs him to fetch for water from the river and wash his own clothes. Kwame is sad.

Master arrives Home.

After Master is released he is escorted Home with Zora. He finds Hamida in his house but shows no recognition. Mama pipi thanks zora for bringing him home.

“Nipe moja bebe.” She requests for a hug.

Hamida requests for his live. Master is very grateful to Zora trying to ignore Hamida. As they get out Zora is concerned to know why Hamida changed his mind. She says Zora’s words were like nails in the heart. They Pearced her till she decided to check on Masters wife Fidi.

Master thinks what could happen is he was to be taken in court and Sentenced.

Ghost freed Me!!! Master Explains!!!

As Fidi thanks Zora for her step to free Master, He cuts her shot saying It wasn’t Zora but Ghost. Now we know the AKA name to Fellah. He is known as Ghost. Fidi can’t believe it. She asks for their relationship with Zora. The change of his name to Fellah has made Master have a hard time to trace him.

But why look for him? He made Master arrested to Ndonyo Cells for a very long time.

The two are worried why Ghost decided to come to Masters rescue. Maybe he has a hidden agenda.

Kwame Suspects Zalena’s calls

As Kwame and Zamena return from the stream to fetch water, Kwame notices something fishy with the calls his mother is making. He has also been monitoring her closely and generalises the calls to be weird. But Zalena says she must protect them from Yola.

Milton at Papa’s House discuss business

Milton invests 23 Million. Papa is very happy with that move. He gifts Milton an extra 4 Million instead of the initial 46 Million making it 50 Million. Milton is very happy forgetting the saying that goes “When the deal is too good…….”

Pipi Doe’s Business

Pipi takes over his father’s Business when he was arrested and runs it perfectly for the benefit of his family. Master returns and hugs his son. The two have a discussion as Master Advises his son on some of things he should never do in his life.

  1. Never snatch someone’s wife
  2. Avoid Drug abuse
  3. Avoid Robbery

Pipi disapproves the first point since their mother chose Hamida to take care of them incase she dies.

Fellah is welcomed home with a surprise.

Zora surprises her husband with a new motive of what love means. To her love had lost meaning together with marriage. She also lost a man’s value in her marriage. She went ahead and removed her marriage ring. But now she acknowledges Fellah’s change. She can now gain back the lost taste of a man.

“So Fellah Erasto. Will you do me the honour. The two exchange rings.”. The end of Zora Citizen Tv 1st day of December 2021. Stay tuned for the next update.

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