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Milton apologises on the moves he took after the death of his father. She appears to be hesitant and questions why the two have decided to take this step next.

Zalena calls out Loretta to give her remarks but instead blames Loretta for hating Zora and not allowing the two get married.

Loretta, “Zalena wewe ni curse.”

Zalena, “I regret associating myself with the Chibale’s. Damage chafu but I thank God my children are not Chibale’s. Na nilijitoa huko.”

Loretta doesn’t get any positive remarks from zalena. She requests Milton to go and sort it out.

Fellah Meets Talia

Talia wants to use Alma’s pregnancy win Fellah’s assistance in the revenge mission. He remembers her well and immediately knows why she is tracing and following him. She explains who killed Alma and they are walking freely.

She threatens to let Zora know about Alma’s Pregnancy but fellah is not Troubled at all. He warns her to keep off his family if she doesn’t want to witness a walking corpse.

At Masters House

Fidi breaks silence on why Master had to go the extend. “Mastef alishikwa just yangu.” She gains courage and energy to explain what Amali did to her. Zora, Hamida and Fellah are sorrowful about that.

Alma Appears to Drunk Kwame

Kwame out of depression has decided to drink alcohol all the time. As he is drunk he hallucinate Alma and in the Event apologises. But Alma is not visible to anyone else not even Madiba who witnesses what Kwame is doing and saying.

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