Sultana Citizen Tv show 11th November 2022 Full Episode – Maria Wa Kitaa is back

Sultana Citizen Tv show is a Swahili show acted in coastal region. It comprises of Actors and Actresses from two sister countries Kenya and Tanzania.

Sultana is a show about a blind innocent girl (Mwanaasha Johari) who was born and switched at birth.

Baby Sultana was born of a rich Man who was praying to have a baby boy as his heir. After asya the house girl and Bi Salama the Midwife notice it was a girl, they switched with another baby boy who was born the same day and hour in the village.

Investigation on who Killed Buya kick start

Sultana Citizen Tv 11th and 14th November 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2 written updates.

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