Sultana 25th November 2022 starts at a point where Mwanzele has gone crazy after his wife was going to attack Major Jabali with an axe. Zuu explain she had resolved to goo meet Major since he killed her father Maneno. Zuu in this context thinks Jabali should settle the debt left by her father which she has received a notification to pay or the property be auctioned.

“With this we are together. ‘Nakubaliana nae’. says sada.

Sada calls Babu to have a secret discussion with him. She is on a mission to discover other plots of land inherited by Major but the belonged to their father Jabali. To her disappointment, Babu fails her on it.

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BABU: Hivi visafari safari vyako vya huku kijijini sasa navitilia shaka.

SADA: Mwenyewe nimekuwa kwa Bi Salama nikamuuliza nawezakupata wapi ndiposa nikaja.

Babu provokes Sada but she warns him to watch out before she gets angered.

Sada walks out in full thoughts if she doesn’t know the locations of the shambas then it will be hard to tackle her brother.

On the Other side of Sultana Citizen Tv 25th November 2022 show, Major figure out who might help in settling the traditional burial of a banana trunk since he has no clue. Major engages Asya in this saying she should be part of the plan. Major inquires in Asya is aware of a person who might help.

As she escapes, Sada enters with a solution on who can help. She mentions late Mzee Maneno. This is a hit to Major since he is the one who killed him.

Major remains shocked with his mouth wide open as Sada fills he cup of tea and marches away.

“Oya kama Huna pa kulala naomba inisamehe.” Kokan meets Kaka’s second side. Kaka is disappointed with what kokan is doing to Sultana. Kaka claims Kokan is boasting after making Sultana sleep with him as he hits back saying Kaka has ego after wining Dida’s love.

Kaka reminds Kokan to rethink on who he is.

“Don’t dare Sultana again or else we will deport you from this village like we are planning for Major.”

Having told Kokan the truth, the worse part of it is that Kaka has spilled the beans. The meeting with the old men was to remain a secret amongst themselves.


Asya fails to convince Dida to have tea before leaving.

More to come from Sultana Citizen TV 28th November Monday 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2.

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