Part 1

Dida is set to live with Kaka. She even calls him to pass the information. This is tricky to Kaka since he is now hosting Buya who doesn’t want his daughter to know where he is.

Dida lands to this decision after Fatima makes her stay difficult at Jabali’s house.

Part 2

Kaka corners Buya. Kaka is not happy about Buyas sentiments on his wedding information. He now blames Buya of negligence. Kaka claims buya does not even feel concerned about his daughter’s welfare after his abduction.

Buya calms after learning his mistake.

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode part 1 and 2 video of 21st December 2022.

Sultana 21st December 2022 written updates.

Sultana combined with 22nd December 2022 episode.

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