Sultana Visits Jj

Sultana after being disturbed by too many thoughts at the shores, she decides to visit Major Jabali’s home.

Unfortunately she gets everyone is out except Dida and Asya. Sultana finds it hard with Dida who tries to make her more angry.

According to Dida in Sultana 9th December 2022 todays episode, Sultana is pretending to visit Bi Ua but she wants to see Jj.

After Dida examination Sultana closely, she notices she is from the beach. This is evident from the beach sand all over her clothes and feet. Sultana confesses to have been from the beach but that is none of Dida’s business.

As Sultana Citizen Tv show today continues, Dida informs Sultana that they are back into their healthy relationship and no one can separate. This is a lie. Dida simply wants to disappoint Sultana but she is still in love with Kaka.

Sultana walks out in anger. Will she tell Jj that she is pregnant?

The latest episode of Sultana Citizen Tv show 9th December 2022 Full.

Sultana 12th December 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2.

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