Viusasa Videos, Watch Sultana Citizen TV 8th November 2022 Full Episode Part 1 and 2

From Sultana Citizen Tv today’s episode, Babu proposes to relocate from the current location and never to set his foot again.

Mwanzele consoles with the highly heartbroken man. He regrets why Babu did not open his heart to Bi Salama. If tye two lived together then many happenings could not have occurred.

Hitting back to the allegations, Mwanzele is shocked to hear babu say he also has a debt to pay. Babu asks Mwanzele not to set his foot in Major Jabali’s compound nor continue working for him. Remember Mwanzele and Maneno were Major’s grounds men.

Sitaki Kusikia kama umeonekana maeneo hayo — Babu.

On the other hand Jj’s aunt Sada knocks at the door. She wants to share some information but Jj does not respond. Upon entrance into his room, she finds him seated on the floor deep in thoughts.

Sada asks Jj to stop thinking about what happened when Sultana denied him. “That was anger Jj. Just give her time I will help sort out.”

Jj who seems not ready to talk to anyone allover sudden pays attention. He does this after Sada informs him about his father’s wealth.

“Nimepata ukweli kutoka kijijini kuwa Mzee hakuridia kumwachia babako hii Mali yote.” – Sada.

Top trends in Sultana Citizen Tv 8th November 2022
Watch: Sultana 8th November 2022 – Full Episode Part 1, 2

1. Dida restless and disturbed on why her father never picks her calls any more.

2. Dida opens up to her Mother about loving Kaka. She vows to quit Major’s house and never to come back again.

3. Dida steps out of the house with all her belongings.

4. Jj is disturbed after Dida and her mother go missing.

5. Asya Celebrates Bi Ua’s conditions. She calls it a second chance from God.

6. Fatima follows Dida’s footsteps till where her father was to be. Shockingly they find blood. He was killed. This calls for police intervention.

In Sultana 9th November 2022, we will see who will be held for the incident since it is now police case.

Sultana next Episode can be watched ahead of everyone else on Viusasa Kenya.

This is a written update of Sultana citizen TV 8th and 9th November 2022 full episode which comprises of Part 1 and 2.

Just in Sultana Citizen Tv 8th, 9th November 2022 Written Updates

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