First Mission accomplished

Babu of Sultana Citizen Tv accomplishes the first Mission to revenge for Maneno’s killing. He manages to make Major Jabali uncomfortable in his own compound.

Everyone (Major, Dida, Fatima, Asya, Jj) is now disturbed by the bad smell in Jabali’s compound.

Sultana might be pregnant- Who made her pregnant?

Sultana emphasises to leave Bi Salama. She first thanks for Salama’s good care and upbringing but requests to know her relatives. Sultana wants to go stay with her people.

PAY ATTENTION: Kokan of Sultana Citizen Tv Biography, Real Name, Age and Net-worth

Obaro hypes Sultana Citizen Tv show just like Bondi in Maria

As she is busy arranging her clothes, Sultana feels like vomiting. She runs out. This is a clear sign she might be pregnant of Kokan.

Latest Updates of Sultana Citizen Tv show of 2nd December 2022 full episode Written updates.

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