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Kaka and Zuu advertising Ariel Liquid: After Zuu cooks boiled meat, she pours some soup and settles to enjoy. Accidentally the shirt belonging to Kakas father enters the soup.

Zuu doesn’t have enough money to buy soap. By good luck, Kaka comes and rushes to get soap.

He comes back with tye new liquid Ariel soap that is very much different with Ariel powder soap.

According to Kaka, advantages of using Areal liquid are; first the soap Mixes with soap easily, it does not spare any dirt and stain on the garment and it does not affect the hands.

After using the soap, Zuu confirms the soap left Mwanzele’s shirt sparkling white.

Watch Sultana Citizen TV 29th, 30th November 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2

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