Watch today’s Sultana Citizen Tv series of 22nd December 2022 Full Episode combined part 1 and 2.

As the show begins, Dida pulls her bag out of Major Jabali’s house. As she is heading to tye door step, Sada consoles her to remain. She also asks for Jj’s second chance on his behalf but Dida asks her to keep of. “Since when did you see or hear Aunt speaking on behalf of a boy.”

Dida being a girl of firm decision, she still walks away even after being stopped by Major and Fatima who snatched the bag away from her.

“Hata ukinichukua bag, I have already made up my mind. Kwanza umenipunguzia mzigo.”

Dida on her way coincidentally meets Maria. They throw at each other but Dida is not aware Maria is the one with information about Buya’s whereabouts.

Sultana Citizen Tv 22nd December 2022 written updates.

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