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Watch: Sultana 20th March 2023 Full Episode Part 1 and 2 on Viusasa


Sultana Citizen Tv 20th March 2023 Full Episode parts 1 and 2 combined with written updates.

Maria in Sultana show now resolves never to run away from problems that might be following her entire life. She is now ready to face the issues one on one including Fatima who has been a threat to their life with Dida and Buya.

“Hii story ya Fatima ikisha die, Buya na Dida watakuwa free na pia mimi nitamove on.”

Dida calms herself with some music. She listens to her best music she used to listen in her teen-age. As she is busy listening to the music, Maria comes in with an idea that they shift the current home. Dida contradicts saying Fatima has the ability to trace and find them. The only thing the can do is report the matters to the authorities.

Maria is not for the idea. She does not think Fatima should be taken to the police and go unpunished bearing in mind what she has done to them.

Babu descides to go back to his house fearing for his life. He feels Mwanzele can be ordered by Major to kill him by even placing poison or Strangling him. Bi Salama also informs Mwanzele and Babu that she is going back to the city.

Jj takes Sultana to the gave where his mother was buried. Shockingly he shows her the same grave where Sultana has been visiting daily knowing that her mother was buried.

“Tell me this is a dream, has she told you anything, Has she told you this is the same grave i have been visiting.” Sultana asks.



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