Who Maria Wa Kitaa is!

Maria wa Kitaa now has Officially displayed who her right character is. She seems to be good and full of a forgiving heart. But she also appears to be a quiet confusing woman.

She appears sending pupa some of the conversations she had with William. Maria asks pupa to push and fight for justice for his father and lifetime friend. Does she want William arrested? The answer is yes and No.

Victor remains Mad

The notorious boy who went ahead and disowned his family now is a totally mad man. He ran mud after insuting his father who happened to be a great witch. He was bewitched by his father and sister Sofia.

Victor not yet recovered from Madness

What Rufina is Demanding from Sailas

Rufina on the other hand is Demanding for wealth sharing from Her son Saila. He goes ahead accusing Saila to have killed his father Daniel.


Lorna resumes her House help work at Sofias Hotel. They met with Sofia and reminded each other of their previous lifestyles.

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