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‘Wangiri Phone Scam is back Kenyans’ Chiloba warns the Nation.

Where did Wangiri Scam Originate?

This kind of phone scam originated from Japan popularly known as “One Ring and Cut”.

Wangiri Phone Scam: “Wangiri” is a Japanese word ‘ONE’ and ‘GIRI’ which means One ring and Cut.

This is a phone call characterized and linked to fraud and cyber crime. It is an international phone call that rings once and hangs immediately before the user can answer the call.

Communications Authority of Kenya has warned Kenya on the return of the Wangiri mobile phone scam.


“There has been an ongoing Wangiri scam in Kenya that has been reported by users on various platforms, including social media,” Chiloba said.

CAK press statement on return of Wangiri Phone Scam

'Wangiri Phone Scam is back' Chiloba warns Kenyans
‘Wangiri Phone Scam is back’ Chiloba warns Kenyans

How Wangiri works

According to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), the wangiri scam has already been reported in the country. The scam works in a very funny way. Wangiri is designed to lure unsuspecting mobile phone users to return the international call. They are in the process redirected to premium numbers that drain available credit.

During the call, the caller is made to listen to recordings so as to remain connected. This is the harvesting moment for that scam since the longer you stay on call, the more the scammer makes money.

This might not be that effective to the prepaid card users since they only lose as much money as the loaded credit.

The punch is on the post-paid subscribers. They are likely to be unaware of how much is lost since their bill comes end month.

How to protect yourself from Wangiri Phone Scam in Kenya.

How to protect yourself from Wangiri Phone Scam in Kenya

In order not to fall victim of Wangiri Scam, the authority has advised Kenyans to be aware and put in place two measures.

  1. Kenyans are urged not to call back any international number that they do not recognize.
  2. i an even one has already fallen a victim, he or she is advised to report the number to service providers to have the international Wangiri Number blocked. This only protects other users from becoming victims.

Communications Authority of Kenya, through the National Kenya Computer Incident Response Team Coordination Centre (National Ke-Cirt/CC) have identified the Wangiri mobile scam numbers with codes +51 form Peru and +64 from New Zealand.

The phone numbers are said to be illegally purchased by these Wangiri scammers from the Dark Web.

The Dark Web is a hidden part of the Internet known for buying and selling illegal goods and services.

Kenyans are encouraged to communicate to the National Ke-Cirt/CC via [email protected] ot through +254703042700 and +254730172700 and report the Wangiri Mobile Scam among other incidents that require their intervention on Cyber Security.

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