Zora Citizen Tv 7th December 2021 full episode.



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Simba questions Zalena, Madiba and Kwame on who they are. Simba stops Madiba from going anywhere closer to Zora. Zalena is driven crazier by Mzee simbas words. She hold her up and warns her. She has asked Simba to inform all those with her kidnapping photos to start preparing for turf times.

At Fellas home

Master pays Fellah a visit. He confirms to have done his investigations and found out the person behind his arrest. He asks fellah for a revenge. But not in support to that point Fellah asks Master to mind his family and forget about the past. Fellah doesn’t want to go through the arrest was.

Zora comes in and breaks the news about their father’s safety. The two travel to go and protect Mzee.

At Masters Home

Fidi too discourages the revenge against Amali. She pleads with her husband to mind his child and the state of her health.

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