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Uwezo Fund on the spot over Sh3.9bn

Some Sh3.9 billion of Uwezo Funds meant to be distributed to various groups across the country cannot be accounted for, according the latest report by Auditor-General Edward Ouko.

The report for the financial year 2017/2018 tabled in Parliament by Majority Leader Aden Duale indicate there are no documents showing the groups or the amounts of money they received. Also, there were also no debtors ledgers detailing the loans issued by the fund since its inception or the repayments made.

“There were also no comprehensive loan listings and/or ageing analysis in support of outstanding loans. Consequently, the accuracy, completeness, validity and recoverability of the unsupported and unaccounted for loans to group balance of Sh3,920,225,398 cannot be confirmed,” says the report.

Further, the fund also gave over Sh7.5 million to people whose details were not indicated in the imprests schedule.


The report notes that imprests amounting to Sh10.1 million were issued to officers even before they surrendered the previous ones, is contrary to the law.

In addition, Sh492,427 outstanding imprests were given to officers who had already left the fund. The report said it is doubtful that the money will be recovered.

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