They say love can build a house with 2 hours. They say love is what makes man do the unthinkable.

Who will Nana approve to be her companion now? The two bulls Madiba Chibale and Oliver Chibale are now in the race to win the battle.

Madiba isn’t aware of his father’s feelings towards Nana But Oliver Knows that Madiba is now in love with Nana just to prove, ,, he witnessed Madiba Proposing to Nana. He even witnessed Madiba place a ring on Nanas finger.

Now the truth of the matter is that Oliver is pressurised by His sister Loretta not to let it happen. “Utakuwa Dume Surwali.”

Who is What and What is who. Nana may have fallen in love because of wealth. We may not know for now. But Madiba is not a true Chibale. What if Oliver let’s it happen and send the two away.? Will Nana stay with the poor Madiba? Things are yet to unfold.

Nana may also find herself in a mess. She lied to Madiba that she is a total orphan. Madiba may have just sympathised with her and accepted to be part of her family. What will happen if the family is disclosed by Zora.?

Nana with Madiba’s ring on her finger

What will happen if Zalena discovers Oliver’s mission?

We also come across other happenings in the show. Zalena starts developing suspicious thinking on the action portrayed by Oliver.

But from the start of the Zora Citizen Tv show Telenovela,,,, we all know who Zalena is. She kills to solve a problem. She is also tactful to solve but one party must go suffering. If she discovers that Oliver and Nana are chasing, then we all know that it won’t end well.

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