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Part 1

Zora citizen tv show starts right at Fellah’s Home. The two happen to have some disagreement on how they handle Madiba at the bar. Fellah bashes into the house as Zora tries to explain.

Zora aske her angry husband why he is directing the anger to her with no reason. This is as a result after Zora’s intervention not to do anything drastic to Madiba. Fellah speaks to his husband harshly leaving her in the living room.

Madiba and Milton drunk in Hospital.

Drunkard Madiba and Milton break into a fight in hospital. The two have consumed alcohol after having personal stress. Still at the hospital Nana too visit and finds the lover of her life unreasonable on the floor.

Mzee Simba Meets Mama Zora

Mzee Simba thinks about the pressing word told by his X-wife. He regrets how he caused her into the current life style Mama Zora lives.

Nana Visits

Nana after getting informed about Loretta’s whereabouts she pays Visit at the hospital. She tries to interrogate but told off not to access anyone considering the fact that their is no tangible information at the moment. Zalena being an opportunistic lady uses this chance to win Nana’s swiftness in the Love triangle. She urges her to play smart not to allow Zora have Madiba.

Mzee Simba Speaks to¬† Zora. “Maneno ya mamayako yamenichanganya sana” The old man explains to her daughter how the statement from her mother have really confused him. He relates the issue Fellah and Zora had before with his Current relationship with Zora’s mother. From this he regrets and feels sorry. Mzee Simba also is happy after Zora dropped his revenge but warns to take action to Loretta if the law will not be fair in due course.

Zora Citizen Tv Live Now written updates by Tambua Africa news

Part 2

At the hospital Oscar is informed how Loretta got damaged the lower part of her body. The pelvic bone being injured may affect her womb. This new heartbreaks Oscar so much.

Who Hit Loretta?

Revealed How Mama Zora Hit Loretta in Zora Citizen Tv 13th January 2022

Revealed truth in the show Mama Zora was involved in hitting Loretta and Causing a planned accident. This is revealed from the flashback as she thinks about her tackle move managing to escape unnoticed.

Loretta gains Consciousness.: “Oscar unafanya nini kwa room yangu. Mbona mwili yangu haimove. Zalena nini inaendelea, Oscar.” Loreta remembers what happened to her. “It wasn’t an accident, it was intentional.”

Aunty Loretta explains how she was hit by the car at the gate to her Brother Oscar and Sister in law Zalena. Loretta is experiencing this after sending attackers who caused Fellah’s wife loose her pregnancy.

Loretta’s claims her husband in waiting is Fellah.

Zora Visits Nana: Drama after Zora Visits Nana. She came to confirm the message she received about Loretta. Nana had informed Zora about Loretta Questioning her is she is involved or his husband Fellah. As the two discuss this Madiba appears from the bedroom. Madiba was carried away by Nana when he was drunk in hospital. Madiba can’t believe he spent a night in Nana’s House. He also appears to the two with a vest and short. This clearly means something different to Zora who happens to be his love. How will Madiba explain to Zora incase he proposes to her again.?

Zora appears also to be confused.


Zora Citizen Tv 13th, 14th, January 2022 full Episode + Written Updates by Tambua Africa News Today. Zora ya Leo

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