Sultana 8th

Arguments about who stole Bi Ua’s child (doll) erupts in Major Jabali’s house. Sada fails to keep the known secret whereby she openly informs Ua that her husband is the one who took her child.

“Ua tusidanganyane! Aliyechukua mwanao ni huyo mumeo.”

Major Jabali denies allegations in front of everyone else. He urges his wife not to listen to Sada.

“Usimsikilize huyu Sada, huyu ni wazimu kuliko mawazimu wote. Tena si wazimu tu, huyu ni mwana wa ibilisi, atakupotosha mimi nakuambia.”

Sada involved Jj asking if he has ever heard or seen his father throw trash, She also asks Asya the same question.

“Jj, ushawahi kuona babako akienda kutupa takataka, Asya ushawahi kuona Major akienda kutupa takataka, ongea usiogope banaa.”

She asks Fatima to remain quiet since she knows the truth but she cannot afford backing her up.

“Ua usipate shida kabisaaaaa, aliyemchukua mwanao ni huyu hapa na akaenda akamtia kwenye dustbin.”

Jj recalls Major saying he doesn’t want to see that doll and he ment it. He asks if the allegations are true.

“Major, Mume wangu. Unakuwa na ukatili kiasi cha kutelekeza mwanangu, damu yangu.”

Major Jabali asks Ua to listen to him, he explains that they have never ever been with a girl child. He says they were blessed with only one boy child that she is calling Kokan. His name is Jabali Junior AKA Jj.

“Hapana haiwezekani. Mimi sijawahi kujifungua mtoto wa kiume. Mtoto nilijifungua mimi ni wa kiume na ninasisitiza mtoto wa kike major.” Ua goes crazy.

Sultana’s pregnancy

On the other side, Bi Salama pushes Sultana on the wall trying to extract some true statements about her pregnancy.

According to Sultana, she is pregnant of Kokan but Salama claims the pregnancy seems to be two months. If that is true then Kokan is not responsible since Kokan had Sultana just but few weeks back.

Is Jj responsible for Sultana’s pregnancy? Or what are your thoughts? Kindly share in the comments section below.

Jj requests to help Dida

Jj intervention in Dida’s mission to find her father is taken as a kind of Joke. Dida claims Jj abandoned the mission. Jj explains himself out that it was out of goodwill that he left. This was to give Kaka and Dida freedom they deserved. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to help.

Dida completely refuses to share any information to Jj.

Key Point: Bi Ua locks up everyone in the house and goes missing. She is on a mission to find her baby doll that she finally gets it at Mwakirunge dumping site.

At Mwakirunge, Bi Ua is attacked but rescued by Maria.

Sultana Citizen Tv Show full Episode 8th December 2022 Series.

Sultana Citizen Tv 9th December 2022 written updates.

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