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There is No God – Atheists

What do atheists believe in? if they say There is No God

Atheism as a word is the opposite of theism. While the latter means believing in the existence of god or gods that created the universe, the former is the belief that there are no gods or existence of Supreme Being. According to descriptions given by Radical, atheist believe in the big bang theory same as scientists. That the universe began as a result of molecular explosion. It states that the non-believers believe in growth as a result of biological changes, and that the law of evolution is behind human development. Unlike Christians who believe in life after death, atheist do not believe in such.

Atheists push for national holiday to disapprove existence of God

“We want a day to clearly illustrate to you that there is no God, or any Supreme Being worth honouring and worshipping”

That is a plea that has been made by Atheists In Kenya to the government as they seek to have a national holiday that will be devoted to them. The Atheists In Kenya was registered as a society in February 17, 2016 under Societies Act, Cap 108, which grants freedom of conscience. This was however followed by condemnation from Christian and Muslim leaders in Kenya. In a press release signed by the AIK Vice President Daisy Siongok, sent to Standard Digital desk, the group claims it is secluded.


“We are asking the Government through Cabinet Secretary for Interior Ministry CS Fred Matiang’I to Gazette February 17th of each year as public holiday to be named as Atheist Day,” reads press release in part. AIK has settled on the date because that was when it was registered as a society in Kenya in 2016.  “We will use occasion to show our lack of faith in Gods, by holding Godless parades in various Counties and also to increase awareness about atheism in Kenya,”

statement reads.

The group says granting its wishes will uphold freedom of religion as a human right and the right of conscience to non-believers. Something they describe as very overdue. The atheists were reacting to CS Fred Matiang’i’s  gazettement of  August 21 as a public holiday to mark the culmination of the annual pilgrimmage to Mecca, Idd-ul-Adha. Muslims were however split on whether the day is backed by the holy Qur’an.

The atheists have been intensifying campaigns to enforce their influence and recruit more members from religious groups. A 2013 study by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics paints a rather startling picture of the composition of Kenyans by faith. Roman Catholics comprise 33 percent, Protestant Christians 45 percent, Muslims 10 percent, Hindus and other religions 10 percent and 2 percent (around 1m people) are non-believers. But AIK estimates put their lot at around 5 percent, implying  close to 2.25m Kenyans  are atheists.

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