Zora citizen Tv is now hitting the climax. As the saying goes Everything that has a start must end. Citizen Tv show lovers have always experienced very many show hitting up the airwaves and land later coming end.

Maria happens to be the most recent local Show acted by Kenyans. It was aired and produced for 2 years but from the time they hit the last nail it has never continued and no signs of part 2 have been revealed.

Just like Maria ended in a dilemma leaving Its funs with rhetorical questions, Zora is also just not different from it. As we start being eager and raising our antennas higher from what is going on, this is what normally happens in the play. As it becomes hot we may be left in darkness anytime soon. We will have to remain with questions on what could have happened next.

Zora Citizen Tv show lovers should be prepared for the end of the show anytime soon. As the show comes to an end Citizen Tv News stars Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah we know are working sleepless to come up with a more hot and high ranking show.

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